The 3 DANGERS To Avoid

Before You Book Limo Service to Boston Logan Airport 

If you’re traveling to Logan Airport there are many ways to get there.

You can get there walking. On a bus or in a shuttle van. You could use public transportation or maybe a 50 foot stretch limo. 

You even have the option of riding a motorcycle with blaring loud pipes. Its all your choice.

But picture yourself driving a Harley with a suitcase strapped to the back on 93.

A pretty cool way to get there if your part of a biker gang. Not so cool if you’re traveling on business.

You could use a local taxi company. You’ll get a ride in one of those old State Police cruisers. The ones with the smelly exhaust fumes and questionable brakes.

That is if they even show up. 

You’re smart enough to know the importance of valuable information from an expert.
That’s why I’ve put together this list of dangers to avoid before you book a limo to Boston Logan Airport.”

If you really don’t care much about how you get to the airport then this information isn’t for you.

But if you’re like me then when it comes to traveling on business you can’t play around.

From years of experience I’ve learned to help my clients avoid the pitfalls and dangers when traveling on business.

From that experience I have summarized 3 of the top dangers to avoid when using limo service to the airport.

Picture of this…

you’re relying on your local taxi company to come pick you up and take you to the airport.

Big mistake.

How many times have you been stranded at your house waiting for your local taxi company or car service that never showed up?

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world and being a small business owner I can totally understand the importance of using the right transportation service to Logan Airport when traveling on business.

You don’t want to be up all night worried about if the company you’ve chosen is reliable and safe.

So before you book luxury transportation to Logan Airport make sure you avoid these 3 dangers.

1. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To Book Car Service to Logan Airport

Frantically calling us for a ride at 5:15 in the morning, because the company you booked airport transportation with hasn’t showed up, is NOT the ideal time to call us.

Granted calling us 4 hours in advance is slightly better, thats still not enough time to get you a vehicle. 

Our minimum time to book in advance is 12 hours prior to the trip.

Thats the MINIMUM (12 hours in advance.) 

P.S. Gold Members can book 8 hours in advance. Become a member here:


My professional recommendation is that you book a week in advance to be sure you get a spot.

Ideally 2 weeks will guarantee you a safe comfortable trip with us.

So when people ask for the safest time to book in advance I always suggest to give yourself at least 2 weeks so you don’t have to worry.

2. Don’t Get “Baited” By a Cheap Price- (you get what you pay for)

“Limo Service to Boston Logan Airport Only $49”


Don’t be fooled by companies that give you the bait-and-switch with a low introductory price. 

These guys get you all excited with photos of luxury vehicles at unbelievable prices.

Unbelievable is right. Don’t fall for it.

What usually ends up happening is the vehicle in the photo is nothing like the car that pulls up you your house. 

Make sure you ask what vehicles they REALLY have, and if they’re similar to the vehicles in the photos.

It’s also good to ask how frequently they replace their cars. 

Ideally cars shouldn’t be older than 3-4 years depending on the model. 

Make sure you don’t fall for this trap

3. Make SURE They Offer 24- Hour Dispatcher 

This is what sets apart the real companies from the phony ones. 

If a company claims to be a professional transportation company then why can’t you call their dispatcher if something goes wrong? 

Lets take Uber for instance:

You can book a ride for the morning but what if the driver gets a flat on the way?

Can you call the Uber dispatcher to get them to send you another car? To make sure you don’t miss your flight ?

I’m afraid not.

This is why I suggest you use a local reliable luxury transportation company.

A company with GUARANTEED on time pick ups, professional chauffeurs with suit and tie and 24- Hour dispatcher to assist you in case something goes wrong.  

Make sure you’re well informed before you book a limo to Logan Airport.

Your job, your family your life depend on it.

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